Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What day is it?

The Planet's been spinning too fast lately, what with the new day job, crunch time on a few deadlines, a sticky second act in this film treatment, and the ongoing saga with my computer. Now I can't get the new guy to find my scanner. It's RIGHT THERE! Next to the printer. I can touch the damn thing so why can't you see it?

As usual, I digress. Or maybe it's not a digression as I have nothing to post about. I don't have time to go into Bush's speech, but I could write for days about the National Guard on the border. I've stood guard in the high desert when it was freezing goddam cold, two hours on, two hours off, until I began to hallucinate and nearly lit up a cactus I'd just watched low crawl fifty feet.

I know they enlisted, but I feel sorry for the poor fuckers who joined the guard to play cards once a month. First they get extended tours of Iraq with hajis trying to blow their huevos off with IEDs and now they get to stand alone in Bush country, watching the flora walk and wondering just where it all went so fucking wrong.

Ear worm update - I woke up with this POS rolling around in my head:

I am strong,
I am invincible,
I am wooomunnnn

I don't know why. But I told Jenny and she started singing a much better song, "It's a Man's World" by the man himself, James Brown.

That made me think of Manfred Mann (Do Wah Ditty) and When A Man Loves A Woman and Candyman and there have to be thousands of songs with man or woman in the title.

So play around with that Planeteers, while I get ready for work. Give me some Man/Woman song titles. Or talk about the immigrant issue if you want to. Or serving in the Guard. Whatever you want to talk about is fine with me.

Now wish me luck on these deadlines and getting my new computer to shake fucking hands with my goddam scanner. I mean, it's RIGHT THERE!

Jumping Jesus.

I'm tired.


JD Rhoades said...

(I'm gonna) walk like a man
Fast as I can
Walk like a man from you-hoo-hoo-HOOOO
I'll tell the world
to forget about it girl
And walk like a man from you

You're welcome.

Steve Allan said...

Holy shit, I've had that song in my head all morning. I think it's the Burger King commercial.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Good luck David. Hope your scanner and computer bond soon.

James Lincoln Warren said...

Walk like a man, sing like a castrato, Dusty.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

You could go the Hunter Thompson route and shoot the computer with a .357. It's never actually worked for me, but it's damn satisfying for about 3 seconds.

secretdeadartist said...

If it can find the camera it can find the scanner. May be time to reload, give it another shot. Hint: make sure the scanner is coming on, then search for new hardware, then load the software. Then again you may just have to read the original instructions, if you can find them.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Iron Man

Particle Man

Pretty Woman

Man On the Run

More Than a Woman

Southern Man

Wheeee! I like this game! And I like your blog. Can I be a Planeteer? :-)

David Terrenoire said...

Mr. Vaughn,

You are most welcome.