Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The GOP brings the funny.

This is just an example of Republican humor. You can read the full story here.

But really, it's just some knucklehead's idea of a joke. Racist, yeah, probably, but not nearly as bigoted as the Latinas for McCain I heard on NPR today. If you didn't hear it, you should. These idiotas radiate stupidity like a hot stove, even as they justify their prejudices with rumor, but they can't possibly do as much damage as one lone hombre and his wife.

I'm talking about Phil Gramm and his mujer, Wendy.

Here's the happy couple with John McCain and the luminous Cindy McCain. For impossibly rich women, they look a little bummed, don't they? Perhaps it's the lack of foie gras in Iowa, I don't know.

Phil is in the news for calling the American people whiners about the economy. Phil thinks the economy is swell. No wonder. He's being paid, big time, by mortgage bankers in Switzerland. And Wendy cleaned up as a board member of Enron after she and her husband, the former senator, created the Enron loophole, the legislation that brought us the Enron meltdown and the current credit crisis.

Gramm is now working as John McCain's senior economics advisor. He hates regulation. You know, like the regulation that could have saved us billions in the Savings & Loan debacle. Seems like every time Phil Gramm and his economic theories swagger into the bar, we get the tab.

That's a big punchline among Republicans. Too bad the joke is on us.

The moral is, I'll take stupid, ill-informed bigotry any day, but these conservative economics are killing me.

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