Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Who knew the Church of Satan used emoticons?

The Church of Satan left a comment on my earlier post about Durham Democratic party officials being caught in triple-distilled ugliness that some think is linked to the Prince of Darkness, and I don't mean Robert Novak.

Spokesperson for the Church of Satan, Magistra Ygraine Mitchell wrote:

"Finally. A response that gives the devil his due ;)"

I wasn't quite sure how to read this until I went to her blog and saw some of the comments she's collected from my neighbors here in North Carolina.

"You rarely find a satanic conservative This krap is all the result of that great liberal program misnamed the sexual revolution, where as long as it all hangs out, and nobody gets hurt (except the victim), anything between *consenual* (does dog cage come under consensual?) adults (loose definition of the word) is required."

"I had one bad encounter with satanists involving my daughter. It was not good for them. I did instill in them that I could send them out of this world so they could meet the devil (their god) They declined my invitation."

There's nothing like the strut of a macho man talking tough over the Internet, and WTF is that about the sexual revolution? Wow. And these people operate motor vehicles at high speed. Now, that's scary.

So far, in my public life I've received fan mail from Baba Ram Dass and now I get this attaboy from the Church of Satan.

Spiritually speaking, that's gotta put me in very rare company.


The Nephew said...

Ah, the "Church of Dave" has broad appeal. Just wait until people hear your "Scurvy Medicine" sermon..."I'm a believer!"

fmdz said...

Maybe he's the satan fan boy of Sinfest.

Vicki Carr said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, so say what you want to say in icons.