Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Murderer's Row.

Dusty Rhoades, Joe Konrath, Alex Sokoloff, some unknown drunk, and Stacey Cochran welcome Joe to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Joe is on his fekakta 500 bookstore tour, pressing Rusty Nails into unsuspecting booksellers' hands all along the upper Midwest and on into the east. Has it been a success? Has he won legions of new fans? All Joe knows is that it's "tiring." But if he doesn't impress anyone else, he's impressed his publisher. If there's any author out there who has done more to sell his books, I don't know who it is.

Photo courtesy Stacey who did the logistics for this little soiree. Thanks, Stacey.

Update: You can see Alex's lovely face in a bigger and better photo here, again courtesy of Mr. Cochran. Why you would want to see the others in this lineup in higher res is beyond me, but I'm not one to judge.

As an aside, I apologize for being so quiet. It's summer, I'm busy and frankly, I have nothing to say that won't wait. The selling and buying of houses is crawling along at a rate writers and publishers would recognize, but will soon get up and sprint, so there probably won't be any updates unless something in particular grabs my attention.

Play nice.


Jim Winter said...

I road with Joe for a day just after the 4th.

I'm still recovering.

Richard Cooper said...

That's not Joe--who is that? And where'd this guy dispose of the real JA Konrath. You've all been conned for your beer money.

Sandra Ruttan said...

It's okay if you're quite Dave. Just don't go far...

Stacey Cochran said...

David, you are great! It was really, really cool meeting you.

Mystery Dawg said...

Joe, was supposed to be here in Los Angeles, but now plans have changed. So wants the beer and steak I have in the fridge?