Monday, February 25, 2008

And so it begins.

The AP's Nedra Pickler (no, really, that's her name) is well known in liberal circles as a purveyor of right wing bullshit. If you want to float crap about a Democrat and polish that turd until it shines like genuine reportage, call Ms. Pickler and she'll be happy to buff that ordure until it's so glossy you have to wear shades.

Today she filed a story that started with this paragraph:

"Sen. Barack Obama's refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem led conservatives on the Internet and in the media to question his patriotism."
Yes, that's the AP. Sending out this story to news outlets all over the country. Some say Obama isn't patriotic. Some say he doesn't love America. Some say he eats Christian babies.
Some say.

And who does Pickler go to for a quote? Who does Pickler call for the GOP's take on the lapel pin scandal? She calls Republican strategist Roger Stone.

That's right, the same Roger Stone I wrote about yesterday. The same GOP flack who should be hiding his head in shame. But there is no shame in American politics, is there.

Dear God, is it just February? It's going to be a long year.


pattinase (abbott) said...

And I can't bear watching Hillary shake her finger at him. Everything she does comes across as a willingness to do anything--including look like a racist.

megapotamus said...

It's Obama who declared that his not wearing the pin was no slip up but an expression of, as he said it "true patriotism". But we are not entitled to ask the New Christ what exactly this means? Hilarious! Luckily for the nation we are not as stupid in the mean as Democratic primary voters. Even the lunatic shrew Hillary is far preferable to this Leftwing hack masquerading as a human being. And who the hell is George Casey?