Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Romney boys, fighting for white guys in khaki shorts everywhere.

These are the five Romney boys - Tagg, Biff, Bunky, Smittens and Ken. That's Tagg, with the superfluous g, being his own man, rockin' the ice cream pants.

Now that their dad has withdrawn from the race, the five Romney sons who were serving their country by working on their father's campaign are now free to enlist.



norby said...

They can't enlist, their fraternities need them too much. Someone has to haze the pledges!

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Why get torn up over 5 twits in a country of millions of twits. Besides, for all I know they may very well be hard working good kids, or the opposite, or somewhere in between, or like their dad, future comedy writers.

Either way, I don't assume that I should despise or belittle them because they were born into privledge.

David Terrenoire said...


I'm sure the Romney boys are nice guys.

But when their father has five boys of military age and he equates their riding around in a bus making speeches with what other men's sons are doing in Iraq, then it's fair game to suggest they might now have some time to actually man up and take somebody else's place on the line.

Jim Winter said...

While I think they should enlist and be real men, I have a more pragmatic position.

I don't want anyone named Romney defending the country, let alone running it.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

This time around we are probably better off with NOBODY running the country.