Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Somebody gets it.

This morning, Richard Reeves looks at why Obama's got the big mo and Hillary's campaign can't seem to get any traction.

In it he identifies the two big lessons Reagan knew:

1. The president's job is not to run the country; it is to lead the nation.

2. In that business, words are more important than deeds.

I think Reagan's policies, particularly in Central America, were wrong, but I can't deny that he gave the nation hope and pride after the dismal 70's. And this is one of the reasons people rallied behind Bush after his megaphone moment at Ground Zero. He looked and sounded like a leader.

Unfortunately for us, Bush surrounded himself with a bunch of sycophants rather than people who were competent.

That could still happen with Obama, of course, but I don't think it will. Bush has a lot of emotional baggage that's made him a disastrous president. Obama seems to be pretty comfortable in his own skin and that confidence will, I think, serve us well.

But Hillary doesn't get it. Neither do the people who insist that Obama's nothing but words. He's inspiring people, and making them believe in a better future. As for those who think this is a cult of personality, Obama always reminds us that the change is not him, the change is in us.

I know people I love and respect who want Hillary to be president. And I agree with them that Hillary would probably govern extremely well. But lead? I'm not feeling it.

As always, I could be wrong.

But if you agree that maybe, just maybe, we might be in the presence of an exceptional leader, why not send Obama a little love.


Anonymous said...

Uncommonly well said. Couldn't agree more.

--Karl K.

megapotumus said...

Change we hope to believe in... Hilarious! What a load of malicious commie crap. Obama is a liar and nothing more. He lies about everything; his backgorund, his intentions, his own race (he ain't black by the way and in any case we already had our first black President... Clinton). He declares that he will end the war, which is of course a wet dream to suck ups like this pathetic twerp-blogger who dreams of sharia in Sheboygan but two seconds later reserves all the rights of the Executive that he and all other jihadi-buddies denounce Bush for actually employing. Bring it on, Obamoids. You should brush up on McGovern and prepare to cry, cry, cry. And who the hell is George Casey?

David Terrenoire said...


Shake the tree and the nuts fall to the ground.

It's going to be a long year.

megapotamus said...

Exactly my impresions of you. So just who the hell is George Casey? One of your personalities? Pathetic. But hilarious!