Thursday, February 21, 2008

Once again, I overestimated the taste of the American public.

I can hear H. L. Mencken getting a good laugh. In the post below I said that John McCain was the only presidential candidate who inspired an ugly action figure.

Here, alas, are Senators Clinton and Obama. Hil looks pretty good, I admit. A little butch maybe, but she has a nice smile. But WTF is it with Obama's noggin? It's tiny. And the ears aren't nearly big enough.

The same people who created these action figures also make a must-have for the perv on your Christmas list. It's not a presidential candidate, but she's gotten more coverage on Fox News than anyone running for office.

It's Britney, in her most famous web appearance.

Britney! Now with kung fu cooter action!

I am speechless.

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Cornelia Read said...

I think I need that Britney, to put on the mantel right next to my boxed set of commemorative cheesy-Elvis PEZ dispensers (Army Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis, and Vegas Elvis).