Sunday, February 24, 2008

You gotta love these Republicans.

That logo up there is for a 527, a political group that has no responsibility to do anything except, in this group's case, be a dick.

Which should surprise no one once you know something about Roger Stone, the group's founder and comedic brain trust.

If Stone was just another member of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, I'd let it go. I mean, we all have whackos in the attic, don't we.

But Stone isn't some lone pudge with a grudge, pounding away on his iMac. No, Stone is a real Republican operative, often appearing on Tucker Carlson's show and recently interviewed by The Weekly Standard.

For those too sane to follow such arcane bushwa, Bill Kristol is the editor of The Weekly Standard and one of the neocons who pushed for the Iraq War. Conservatively speaking, Kristol is publicly wrong four to eight times a week which means Kristol is wrong almost as often as his fellow columnist at the New York Times, the wrongest man who ever lived, David Brooks.

(As a side note, when Kristol was given that chunk of choice Op-Ed real estate, some loyal readers wondered if Times editor Bill Keller had suffered a head wound.)

But, back to Stone. He started his political career at the impressionable age of 19, working for Nixon's CREEP. That's right, when other 19-year-olds were getting shot at in Nixon's protracted war in SE Asia, Stone was working for Nixon's re-election. Another GOP chickenhawk. Huh. Turn over a rock ...

Since his auspicious beginning with CREEP, Stone has worked for Reagan, Bob Dole, and Arlen Specter's campaigns. Stone was also one of the street thugs hired by James Baker to stop Florida's recount in 2000. Last year, New York Republicans hired him to work their campaign against Elliot Spitzer. Stone set a new low, even for Republicans, by making threatening, anonymous, late night calls to Spitzer's 83-year-old dad. Nice.

So what's this swell guy doing in this election?

He's going after Hillary with Citizens United Not Timid, a 527 with all the sophisticated political humor we've come to expect from the right wing.

The Weekly Standard gushes that Stone is "trying to tap into deep-seated sentiments about Clinton that pundits and rival candidates can't articulate." Pundits and rival candidates who are deeply afraid of women, that is.

Did I mention Tucker Carlson and Bill Kristol? Yeah, I thought I did.

Stone's filing for this hi-larious 527 says the group's function is “To educate the public about the importance of moral character and integtiry [sic] in those who hold public office.”

Wow. The guy who's worked for the GOP since Nixon doesn't know how to spell integrity.

Dr. Freud, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

God, as they say, is indeed in the details.

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