Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still time for that special Valentine on your list.

Show your baby a little divine sparkle on this romantic day.

Get Lookin' Good For Jesus beauty products. In case of the Rapture, you'll want your ascendant sweetie looking her best for the J-man, right? Get her squeaky clean with LGFJ Bubble Bath. She'll feel like she's walking on water.

And she shouldn't be smooching our Savior with cracked and chapped lips. Get Lookin' Good lip balm so when she plants one on JC He'll say, "Jumpin' Me, your lips are so soft and dreamy!"

Or blow the whole 30 pieces of silver on the LGFJ beauty pack. Your sweetie will be meeting the Big Guy lookin' fine as sacramental wine.

Oh yeah.

Happy Valentine's Day, Planeteers.

I'm taking some time off in the mountains. Play nice and we'll see you next week.


Jim Winter said...

Even Richard Dawkins would say, "Somebody's going to Hell for this one."

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

You bought the big value pack didn't you?