Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mad Men Speak.

Speaking of advertising, here's one from the golden days of GOP dreams, the days when men were men and women were here to serve.

I remember this ad, and I remember my mother's response to it. It was a prefeminist suggestion that this wife slip a bit of cyanide into that hubby's coffee. You go, Mom.

As one of our Mad Men forefathers said (I think it was Ogilvy, but it could have been Bill Bernbach), your consumer isn't stupid, she's your wife.

If there's ever been a constant that runs through my career as a copywriter, it is my respect for the consumer's intelligence. I believe advertising can be smart. I believe advertising can be engaging. I believe you can speak to people and say something true about their life, even if it's something small.

And I hope I've carried those beliefs into this place. I'll let you be the judge.

Tomorrow, a new reason to believe, and an appeal to all my readers who live in Super Tuesday states.


norby said...

I agree with your mom, anytime my husband complained about something I made, he was told exactly what he could do with it.

Of course, his complaints usually consisted of 'My mom never did it that way.' Well, we're separated and he's visiting mom more often. Guess everyone's happier eh? ;o)

Jim Winter said...

I'm not sure what I find more offensive: The two Stepford wives in this ad, or the suggestion that instant coffee is drinkable.