Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OK, this does it.

For those of you who are too sane to follow side-show politics too closely (which is much like following an incontinent Clydesdale too closely), a reporter on MSNBC, David Schuster, said something impolitic about the Clintons and their daughter.

When asked what he thought about Hillary sending Chelsea out to lunch with superdelegates, Schuster suggested that Chelsea Clinton was “sort of being pimped out” by the campaign.

Ouch. But you know what he meant and I know what he meant and I suspect Bill and Hillary know what he meant. If they don't, they should ask Chelsea.

Schuster has apologized and MSNBC suspended him indefinitely, but that's not enough for Hillary. She wants David's head.

“Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient,” Clinton wrote to NBC.

This morning I heard that Hillary supporters are trying to shut down a radio program called The Stephanie Miller Show. Because the show is too far right like Hannity or Limbaugh? No, Stephanie Miller is a liberal. Fox calls her show far left. She calls her show "a Mensa meeting with fart jokes." But Miller is supporting Barak Obama instead of Hillary.

Apparently, that bit of apostasy has enraged the Hillarites and they're calling the show's sponsors and stations demanding the show be pulled.

This is my Democratic party? Firing a reporter over a stupid comment? Trying to shut down a radio show because the host supports another candidate?

As I've asked before in a similar context, who are these people?

I suspect Hillary is purposely trying to draw attention away from her lackluster campaign, which lost its manager last weekend. But these other people sound like Republicans.

This is the final straw for me. If Hillary is our candidate in November, I will control my gag reflex and vote for her, but I will not work for her. Not like I did in 2004. Those thick-ankled Hillarites can walk Durham's tough Democratic precincts themselves.

I suggest they carry pepper spray.


Jeff Shelby said...

"a Mensa meeting with fart jokes"

Just like this blog...

Jim Winter said...

So what you're saying is Hillary is really George W. Bush with tits. Right?

'Cuz I agree wholeheartedly.

JD Rhoades said...

I'm not even a Hillary supporter, but I think Shuster should be canned, and you can get rid of Chris Fucking Matthews while you're at it, too. They're the twin poster boys for the "Everything's okay for Republicans, Nothing's Okay for Democrats" crowd.

I mean, would any reporter have even considered accusing Mitt Romney of "pimping" his sons or John McCain of "pimping" his daughter because those kids do what every child of every politician does during the campaign? Hell no. Shuster and Matthews are the worst, most biased, most incompetent hacks currently on the air. They're only after Hillary right now, but you just wait. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, Shuster and Matthews will be right there, slamming them for the same things for which they give a Republicans a free pass. Fuck 'em both. Let 'em make an honest living for a change if they know how.

David Terrenoire said...


I agree about both of them, and you're right, if anyone doubts Matthews' love for the GOP, look up his verbal fondling of W's package in that flightsuit and his nestling on the man-breasts of Fred Thompson as he mentally sniffs his after-shave. Jesus, I almost threw up.

But calling for Shuster's firing over this crap just shows Hillary as petty, vindictive, controlling and, if I'm right about the diversion from her campaign, cynically manipulative.

Even if she's totally sincere in her umbrage, it's not smart to make a Federal case out of it. She should let it go and move on. Maybe display a bit of humor about it instead of this self-righteous pique.

The Clintons should save their capital to call the media on its legitimate bullshit, not this.

Cornelia Read said...

So those working for Obama have thin ankles? I think there's so much crap thrown at her that a male candidate would NEVER have to countenance that she's got to vent, occasionally. I sure fucking would.

David Terrenoire said...


The thick ankles was snarky, I admit. But as much crap as Hillary's has been smacked with, and it's been a lot, calling for a reporter's firing just seems Republican.

It's one reason I don't vote for Republicans.

And for her supporters to try to silence a radio show seems Republican, too.

I don't like Republican tactics, even when used by Democrats.

Sorry about the ankles comment, but I'm not sorry about the rest.