Thursday, October 02, 2008

And so it continues.

This is either a brilliant way to get Americans to lower all expectations for the Governatrix in tonight's debate, or this is one of the least aware individuals to run for high public office since George Bush.

She can't name another Supreme Court decision besides Roe v. Wade that she disagrees with? She's a fucking governor, for God's sake, and she can't name Plessy v. Ferguson? Does Dred Scott ring a bell or Gideon blow any trumpets? Does the name Miranda remind you of anything other than a fruited hat?

OK, I can see how one's brain could go blank on names, but surely she could talk about cases. There was the recent reversal of the president's power to hold prisoners indefinitely. There was the case that overturned Texas' sodomy law. I can't cite the case names, but I know what happened and, knowing the Holy-Joe Sixpack nature of Palin's religio-political worldview, those are two cases she must surely have thought about, if only for a moment while gutting a moose.

Or what about this case? Sweet Jeebus, it's about fucking Alaska. And I do mean fucking Alaska, as in a verb and not an adjective. As one Alaskan said, "This is a knife in the gut."

It happened in June of this year, while she was governor, and Sarah Palin can only prattle on like some clueless kid in the history final, desperately trying to fill in the pages of her blue book?

Do we really want a vice president who couldn't pass a middle school civics course? Do we?

That said, her former opponents in the Alaska governor's race warn that she's a formidable debater, a woman who is short on facts but has a Reagan-like ability to charm and communicate with voters. So, unlike others who hope for a thoughtful grown-up in the White House, I don't think tonight's debate is going to be a cakewalk for Biden. I think Palin will sidestep hard answers and connect with people. Not people who think a lot about Supreme Court cases, or read a lot of newspapers, but people who will nod their heads and say, "I like her. She's just like me."

Incurious, uneducated and proud.


Spike said...

You really are a brilliant writer.

Scott said...

"...that she's a formidable debater, a woman who is short on facts but has a Reagan-like ability to charm and communicate with voters."

So she's a bullshit artist. That's great if you're a con man...or con woman, in this case.