Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have a vast variety of sources.

Well, my sanguine nature didn't last long, did it? Listen to this little clip, if you haven't seen it already.

When Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what papers and magazines she read before McCain selected her as his VP wannabe, she said "all of them" and treaded water for a moment before turning the question into some sort of elite slam on Alaska.

Jesus wept.

If someone asks me what papers and magazines I read, I can give you a list without much thought. But Sarah, for some reason, doesn't want us to know. I mean, she must read something, right?

So what do you think? Pick a newspaper or magazine you think Sarah Palin subscribes to.

I'm going to start the bidding with Guns & Ammo.


pattinase (abbott) said...

My guess is someone informs her of news she needs to know to govern Alaska. She reads no publications on her own.

norby said...

She reads the really old copies of whatever is in the doctor's office. That's it. She doesn't know what they are because the covers have probably all been torn off and other patients have most likely ripped out half of the articles.

Karen Olson said...


I don't think the woman reads. Because she could've even just named a favorite book. But nothing? "Everything"? Oh give me a break.

John McFetridge said...

Alaska is a microcosm of America?

Jerry said...

I really don't care. I'm thinking that in 3 years we'll probably not care what she is reading, or doing, or has done, or will do. I depend on this blog for most of my news anyway.
Hope you keep enjoying the iPod, mine has worked overtime to confuse me with eclectic mixes, but I'm usually able to salvage some irony from even the worst combinations.
I'm really looking forward to reading the new book. Since deciding to buy a house, and now with the mortgage I'm on a budget and have been rereading some older stuff. BAPM ended up in my hands, and it held up very well the second time around. In some ways I enjoyed it more.
I have too many blank canvases leaning against the wall, and too many finished ones in the closets to either read or bitch about art. Should be seen and not heard works about as well as anything when the subject of painting comes up.
I'll get back to unpacking boxes and going outside and listen for this Loon that was down on the water last night.
Made me think of Crumley.