Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And to think I voted for this asshole.

Once. And that was 9 years ago.

Still, to think that I voted for him to be VP of the freakin' United States makes me want to stick a hot fork in my eye.

Holy Joe is siding with the Republicans, again. He's going to filibuster the public option in health care reform. The fucker.

I'm certain the $3.5 million he's been paid by the health and insurance industries hasn't influenced his decision.

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JD Rhoades said...

I never liked the sumbitch. I used to call him Joe "Man O'God" Lieberman or 'Holy Joe" in print. I voted for Kerry, not that asshole, and that's just because the alternative was George Dubbya Bush. If the Dems had any balls they'd kick him to the curb.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a world-class shit nozzle -- and was all those years ago, too. Gore pulled a McCain by choosing this ass maggot as a running mate (okay, Gore did it first), but at least Palin was easier on the eyes. Joe's likeness could be reproduced by taking a dump in a bowl of luke-warm oatmeal.

Someone call the National Portrait Gallery -- it's time for my morning meeting.

pattinase (abbott) said...

He is the biggest shill in the Senate. I can't even look at his face. And to think I voted for him, too,

Karen Olson said...

I called his office today to tell them as a constituent I'm extremely upset about this. I asked the staffer why Joe was changing his mind from his stance supporting universal health care in 2006. The staffer said, "I don't know." They don't even have a lame script to follow for this. They DON'T KNOW. He did say they're getting a lot of phone calls and emails. I think everyone should call his office and bombard him with their objections.

I voted for Ned Lamont in the primary. So did a lot of people. Enough to boot old Joe out of the Democratic party. But being the sore loser that he is, he formed his own stupid party and the Republicans and conservative Democrats got him in somehow.

What's irritating is the state's local media has been calling him an Independent Democrat. Morons.

Let's just say he's probably not getting another chance.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I had to pull my post about JL down because some crazed people kept posting on it. So here I am to back up you.