Friday, October 09, 2009

You're not the boss of me.

This is Rush Limbaugh throwing a tantrum because Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of HHS, said Americans should get a flu shot to protect them from the H1N1 virus.

You know, because people die from the flu.

But somehow Rush sees this as an assault on his freedom. Or his manhood. Or something.

And so he stomps his feet, shakes his tiny fists and says, "Screw you, Miss Sebelius."


How did we devolve from a people who fought a world war to this? When did it become politically OK for adults to act like spoiled children throwing tantrums in the produce aisle?

Is this really the face of American conservatism? This red-faced, shouting at all things not them?

What has happened to a movement that once boasted intellectual heavyweights like William F. Buckley? How has the leadership of the conservative movement passed from Barry Goldwater, a man who spent a lifetime serving his country with humor, honor and integrity to Rush Limbaugh, a man who bullied his maid into getting him drugs?

Why has the GOP, the party of my father and my grandfather, allowed itself to be taken over by this immature and amoral boil on the ass of the body politic? Where are the true conservatives today?

And why don't they demand their party back?


C.L.J. said...

Personally, I hope that Limbaugh follows through on his promise to not get vaccinated. And when he die of H1N1, his surviving family can carve "He Showed THEM!" on his tombstone.

And I hope that all his listeners follow suit.

Yeah, that'll show us.

Tom said...

Keep in mind that Limbaugh is a professional liar. What he says is not necessarily what he believes, but what he believes he can sell to an angry, ignorant, uncritical and credulous audience.

Integrity is only a word on paper to Assclown Maximus.

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

Rush is a giant pile of shit. A. Giant. Pile. Of. Shit.

Yeah. What happened to intelligent conservatives? They became Libertarians. Ron Paul and Colin Powell are the party's only hope but they decide to elevate dumbshits like Palin, who is just one step away from trailer trash.

Good luck bringing the GOP back from the brink. Rush is the captain of the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

RON FUCKING PAUL!?! AHH-ha-ha-haaa!
You're shittin' me, right? Have you actually read what he says? Do that, and then get back to us...
Terry Butler

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

I like Ron Paul-- at least he's educated. He's a physician, and he is one of the only Conservatives that has even given a really great argument against abortion, (at least for me).

I never forgot it. Forgive me if I misquote him, but it went something like this: "It's hard to support something when you've actually seen a crying baby thrown in the trash." Ron Paul is a medical doctor, so I'm sure he's not lying. I'm pretty liberal, but that always stuck with me. I thought he was xenophobic, but he actually isn't. From what I can tell, he just firmly believes that the US shouldn't interfere with other nation's affairs. I partially agree. I think we should have gone into RWANDA, and DARFUR, but Ron Paul doesn't support any type of intervention, even to stop a genocide. I don't agree with that.

I'm a tax accountant, and a lot of what he says about the IRS is right, because I have experienced it myself.

I don't agree with him all of the time, but I hate it when other GOP members try to tear him down.It happened to Colin Powell, too. Is there no room in the GOP for moderates anymore?

Watching them attack GOP moderates is upsettin. Especially GOP members with less-than-spotless records themselves. Foley? Stanford? Come on. Don’t put yourself on a moral high-horse if you are breaking every commandment yourself.

I'm just sayin'.

Linda said...

My guess is, considering the various definitions of the word "swine," Rush fears that by accepting the "pig" flu vaccine, he might actually be getting immunized against himself...

1 a pig.
2 ( pl. same or swines) informal- a person regarded with contempt and disgust : "What an arrogant, unfeeling swine!"

Charlieopera said...

Christy said: I don't agree with him all of the time, but I hate it when other GOP members try to tear him down.It happened to Colin Powell, too. Is there no room in the GOP for moderates anymore?

I know how you feel. I felt the same way this past Democratic Presidential Primary when the one true liberal (Kucinich) was laughed off the stage (after being ignored) by his own party.

For that I have to blame Dennis for not dumping the dems and moving over toward Nader.

And watching Obama steer the same course as Bush without getting his party in line is Democratic Party business as usual. Nothing gets done.

Same old, same old.

Nader in 2012.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

With fringe lunatics and arrogant elitist on both sides of the aisle, the minority in the middle haven't a chance, even the few who have a clue.


JD Rhoades said...

I've Googled a bit and I can't find any quote from Sibelius saying anyone "must" get the vaccine. She recommends it strongly, but nowhere does she couch it in the form of an order. So Rush is arguing with the voices in his head again.

Tom said...

As I said: "professional liar."

Linda said...

The confusion as to just what Ms. Silbelius said can be placed right at the feet of the Associated Press. In a report from WA, posted world-wide, their headline of Oct. 07, 09 said, "Sebelius says Americans must get swine flu vaccination." Make a thorough reading of the story, though, and no where in it does she actually say anyone has to do anything at all. The AP stated that Sibeliuss went on television and made appeals to parents to pay close heed to this question as this flu seems to hit children in a particularly harsh way. Rather than tell anyone they had to do anything, though, she merely makes strong and fairly obvious recommendations.

With such a large news bureau making this claim, makes one wonder just who's agenda is being served on this?

Tom said...

I doubt it was a mistake, Linda. The mainstream press is bent on painting the Democratic Party as marching in 1984–style anything-not-forbidden-is-compulsory lockstep.

Some editors and publishers believe it, but mostly it's simply business. Outrage helps sell copy to Weekly World News readers.

Linda said...

Rupert Murdoch and the 1980s certainly advanced the proof that we no longer live in a perfect world. Heck, people talk about a Right or Left-influenced press, but I only wish we were still living in that Golden Age of News, when it really was nothing more than influence. But then, why should a businessman like Murdoch really worry when all he had to do was buy out or squelch (or squash) any and all rivals, effectively ending the two-newspaper town, with its competing news communities? When we lost the Fariness Doctrine to that 1980s delusion known as "massive greed," it ought to have been apparent to everyone that Goliath News (re: News Corp) was not going to be an open forum, and would certainly not be inviting to any liberally-minded soul.

Why anyone still buys into any of that nonsense about a liberally-run press, I simply do not know, unless it serves the conservative business agenda for us to do so. It's well over 20 years now since the FCC bent over under the weight of Murdoch's ever-expanding wealth (the real influencing factor), but "We The People" are the ones who complacently allowed the loss of the one tangent thing the Doctrine gave us- the obligation (albeit not a requirement) that all new's bureaus do their very best to produce fair and balanced news- a loss, I fear, that has proven so profitable to the Wealthy Few that we may never be able to recover it again.

Sigh, indeed, Tom. Sigh, indeed.