Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Who are these people?

Sorry to go all Seinfeld on you, but really, who the fuck are these people?

Here's an elected representative of the good people of Texas, Louie Gohmert (I am not making that up), talking about sex with critters and who knows what all because this bald fuck is as crazy as a bagful of Bachmanns.

Goddamn. Here, in all its bald glory, is what's fucked up about democracy. People voted for this guy. It's not like you pass Louie by, him standing on a street corner yelling into a megaphone. Louie is in Congress. Your taxes, the money they take from your paycheck every week, the money you hope keeps libraries open and schoolchildren safe, no, those dollars go to keep this guy sufficiently medicated so that he can stand up in front of the CSPAN cameras without eating his fucking tie.

Holy shit.

Sex with animals? Is there a sheep who feels safe in his district tonight?

Despair, children, despair.


Anonymous said...

What's not to get?

You haven't lived till you've fucked a dead sheep dressed like a school girl in a wheel chair wearing an eye patch. If only it could stutter, too.

Oooh. Chills.

Tom said...

Wingnut Derangement Syndrome, at its best.

Gerard said...

I like the previous post's illustration much more than this one.

Linda said...

Hey, Rep. Gohmert! What you fail to comprehend is that you are speaking of sexual proclivities, not orientations. (Major- BIG- effing difference there, sir.)