Friday, October 16, 2009

Glenn Beck is right about one thing:

I don't want to watch his show.

This is from the Huffington Post. It's a clip of Mr. Beck going all weepy, this time for an American past as sentimental as an old Kodak comercial, as sweet as a shared Coca-Cola and as fraudulent as Mr. Beck's concern.

Mr. Beck wants to return us to a simpler, whiter America. Back in a misty time when women didn't question their men, blacks knew their place, and everybody went to church and prayed to the same white, Christian God.

A time when America liked Ike and a man could enjoy a good kike joke at the restricted club bar.

A time when the upper income tax rate was 91%.

OK, maybe not that America. But an America that can be reached in Mr. Beck's faulty Wayback Machine.

Beck admits America was never perfect, but there was a time, he says, when "we used to be united on some basic things."

Really? What basic things? Like belief in the dignity of all people? Like loving your neighbor as you love yourself? Those basic things?

My question is, when the fuck was that?

Have a good weekend. We'll see you Monday.


Anonymous said...


Yeah, boy!

Glad you're feeling better -- and thanks for a Beck-smackdown before the weekend. I now feel better myself.

Charlieopera said...

Watching this imbecile Beck for four minutes took pretty much all my patience for the day. What a dick.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Hey! I remember that America! We had DDT, polio, no seat belts to confine our movement in our cars, Brill Creme in our hair and at least a weekly bath, whether we needed it or not, and that outhouse in the winter was just the best! We weren't bothered with color TV, cell phones, or electric dishwashers. And the best part of all, you could protect yourself from nuclear war by just crawling under a heavy piece of furniture.