Thursday, July 13, 2006

Control robots with your mind!

Dick Cheney's favorite news source, the NY Times, reported yesterday that a paralyzed man has been controlling a robot through a small sensor stuck in his brain. According to the Times, this guy could open e-mail, play Pong (Pong!) and draw a crude circle on the screen through the sheer robot-controlling power of his mind.

Holy Futurama!

Sure, the paralyzed guy gets one now, but soon we'll all be getting this thing stuck into our cerebral cortex. Think of it! The Times reports that the lucky paralyzed bastard could change the channel on his TV (no more lost remotes!), and he could move a robot's hand around, which gives new hope to all those poor Cheeto-stained guys blogging in their jockies that some day a robot babe will, you know, give their own hand a break. (No more tendonitis!)

Controlling robots with your brain. Can it get cooler than that? I don't think so.

Next: Jet packs for everyone!


secretdeadartist said...

Let me know when they get past the crude circle stage. I might actually be able to get some artwork done.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

You're a sick, sick man!

Brett Battles said...

Maybe we can even get them to write our books for us!!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

A momentous stepping stone to the future, mankind's final boundaries, the human brain, explored in ways inconceivable a decade ago, and all you can think about are dick jokes.

I knew there was a reason I liked you.