Friday, December 05, 2008

James O. Born, our hero.

He's a writer, he's a cop, he's our hero.

Jim Born takes a lot of ribbing from our little circle of crime writers. But when it comes to real crime fighting, Jim's the man.

Apparently, the state of Florida feels the same way. Thanks to Mary Stella for telling us about this because Jim w0uld never mention it himself.

Congratulations, Jim, I'm proud to know you.

This from the news:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Life Saving Medal

The Life Saving Medal, also established in December 2007, may be presented to any FDLE employee who renders assistance to a person in need and saves that person's life. The Life Saving Medal was presented to FDLE Special Agents Thomas Bacon of Palm Beach and James Born of Lake Worth for rescuing a family from a car in a canal and a young girl who had been ejected from the car, August 3, 2008.


JD Rhoades said...

That's our Jim. Thanks for the heads up on this, David. As you say he'd never mention it himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's fantastic Jim. Congratulations, although I'm sure he considers it all in a day's work.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

And I just thought he had good taste in weapons. Congratulations, Jim. Glad guys like you are out there.

Jeff Shelby said...

Is he buying a cookbook in that photo?

Ali Karim said...

David - you summed up Jim so well

He is one helluva nice guy and damned fine writer

Well done Jim