Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blame Sarah...

...for this meme.

She apparently caught it from Rickards and God knows where he picked it up.

Change a single letter of a book title. Like this:

A GOOD DAY IN HELP - Jack Keller flashes back beyond the Gulf War and into a Beatles movie.

KILLER SHELL - A homicidal whelk terrorizes San Diego.

SACRED VOWS - New Haven is overrun with happy monogamous housewives.

FILLER RAIN - Barry Eisler puts out a book merely to satisfy his contract.

THE CONFUSSION - Stumped by an extra letter, Olen Steinhauer has to call on Spell Check for assistance.

And because no one else will do it,
BENEATH A PANAMANIAN MOOD -John Harper wakes up cranky.


Jeff Shelby said...

Beneath a Panamanian Loon - John Harper wakes up with a bird on his chest.

John R. said...

A book about homicidal whelks would rock on toast.

Daniel Hatadi said...

BENEATH A PANAMANIAN TOON: A dark and moody graphic novel set in a murky dystopian city filled with all manner of rip-off merchants, two-bit whores, and a really big cartoon rabbit.

Stacey Cochran said...

Amber Rage - seven-year-old girl gets pissed off and holds everyone accountable.

Sean Chercover said...

BENEATH A PANAMANIAN, SOON - Hoping to get lucky, John Harper heads out to the local nightclubs.

learjeff said...

Beneath a Panamanian Goon - a very short title, since little is beneath the dignity of the typical Panamanian goon.

Beneath a Panamanian Coon - cancelled by a joint effort of the PC police and the PSPCA.

Bequeath a Panamanian Moon - "... but you promised me the stars too"

OK, this is fun but I'm not very good at it. Move on.