Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like an STD, it's my pleasure to pass this along.

Dusty Rhoades (the fuckin' nominee) posted this over at his place and the full weight of its nefarious nature did not settle in until last night when I watched Battleship Potemkin and the first few wonderfully awful minutes of Plan Nine From Outer Space.


This is just evil.


Olen Steinhauer said...

David, you should be all over if you like that kinda stuff. Most of the list is already on there, and much more, for straightforward download. Also, lot of political documentaries, of the stripe I know you'll enjoy.

Olen Steinhauer said...
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JD Rhoades said...


David Terrenoire said...


That is cruel. Just cruel.

Olen Steinhauer said...

I don't get it.

David Terrenoire said...


Do you have idea what a time-eater a place like can be to a weak-willed individual like me?

Horrible. Just horrible.

Olen Steinhauer said...

Oh, gotcha.

When the wife asks, say you're doing "research". Works every time.

John McAuley said...

In the divorce my Ex got the cape- cod type house on 2 acres and I got the unopened copy of "Plan Nine From Outer Space" soundtrack on cd. Pathetic huh?

[The disc was distributed by 'Performance Records' and recorded in 'Nerv-o-Rama']

John McAuley

secretdeadartist said...

I spent last evening watching PBS, usually a good thing, except last night Andy Warhol kept getting shot and almost dying, again, and again, and again. Maybe it was a good thing.