Monday, September 11, 2006

OK, that last post was a little angry.

So it's time for a karmic corrective and what better way is there than by showing a cute kitty?

There. I feel better already.


Stephen Blackmoore said...

Goin' soft in your old age. Pussy.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Stephen always makes me laugh.

David, it's a solemn day. But there's nothing wrong with remembering with some anger. A lot of people died because a lot of politicians had their heads up their own arses, and then they failed to lead with courage at a time when the people of their country were looking to them for answers.

And I understand feeling anger, all these years on, because events as recent as last month serve to remind us the world isn't a safer place, despite how many people have died in combat over the past five years. I don't envy your next president - they will have an enormous mess to clean up.

And you and I both know that it isn't as simple as pulling troops out once you're in there. It's a lot more complicated than that.

Try to have a decent day. Glad you're recovering from the move.

Karen said...

David, anger is good. I think more people should be angry. But on the whole, people are sheep and will do whatever they're told, however ridiculous. As I said on the First Offenders blog today, why we are allowed to bring personal lubricant in our carry ons and not hair gel is beyond me. Why can't they take a page out of El Al's security book? Because profiling is a politically incorrect thing to do in this country and even though we should have the balls to do it under the circumstances, they just won't.

All right, shall we both enroll in anger management classes?

BTW, have you seen the image of Bush that you have below this cute kitty that's got Mickey ears on his head?

David Terrenoire said...

Karen, no, I haven't. But I'd love to put it in my Bush file. Believe me, I have an extensive collection of Bush photos, most that are ridiculous without any Photoshopping.

Anger management. Sounds like a winner to me.