Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tom Waits On Tour

Thanks to my good friend Jerry, I'm going to see Tom Waits in Asheville next month. Yes, it means I'll miss work, but I won't miss Tom.

Thanks, Jerry.

I will, of course, blog on the experience.

Jerry and I have a 35-year history of road trips. I can guarantee this one won't be like the old days when we used to do winter trips, wine bottle hanging out the window, chilling in the winter air. I doubt if we'll pass our exit three times because we're THAT HIGH and singing THAT LOUD. And the chances of us crashing on the floor of a woman who owns far too many cats are slim, but who knows? I will stick a toothbrush in my shirt pocket, just like the old days when this was considered packing for the trip.

It'll be fun.


Kim Mizar-Stem said...

You are so freakin' cool -- I love it!

bigshoulders said...

we'll both be @ the Asheville show.
i'm so freakin' stoked that he's playing within driving distance!!!


Daniel Hatadi said...

I am very jealous. You lucky bastard.

Tom hasn't played in driving distance of me since I was less tha one year old and didn't even know who he was.

secretdeadartist said...

If we so much attempted anything approximating many of those road trips from our misplaced and otherworldly youth we would end up at the very least "dead or in prison."
"Those were different times." -Lou Reed

Anonymous said...

Son of a BITCH! I am so unbelievably irate at you right now, I'm using the word "irate".

Anonymous said...

David--In case you haven't already heard it. 1998 KCRW hour long show with Waits. Interview and tunes--rambly, shambly, and pretty damn good.
John McAuley

Elizabeth Krecker said...

You have the best taste in music of anyone I know! Happy for you...yeah...that's it pal. Happy for ya!

*seething with jealousy*

Aw shucks, how can I be mad at you! Just tell us all about it when you're back and all will be forgiven!