Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boomer makes new friends

My older boy, Boomer, wandered off the other night and I had to go hunt for him. Boomer's twelve and doesn't run away, it's more like an amble, so there was no hurry. I went out back and ran the flashlight around the edge of the yard and saw him standing in the grass. I sensed something else in the yard with us and raised the flashlight beam. Boomer was surrounded by a small herd of deer. They didn't seem to mind Boomer being out there with them, and Boomer was his usual nonchalant self. I called him and the deer ran off but now I worry that he's fallen in with a bad crowd. I don't trust those deer. I think they broke into my car and stole my Ramones CD.

Yesterday's winner in the typewriter challenge: Steve Ordog, a man with a great character name, correctly identified G. B. Shaw. Congratulations, Steve.

Lots of work today, so posting will be light. Later.

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