Friday, March 24, 2006

Fear and Loathing at The Planet

Yes, of course it was the good Doctor Thompson, a writer who in '72 did things to my synapses, chemical-free, that jonesed me on politics forever, damn him, and politics have brought me nothing but a lifetime of intense F&L. Somewhere Thompson is laughing his ass off.

The winner is: Jim Winter, a man wrestling with his own demons of fame.

Runner up is Ken Peterson, a guitar player and DP of some renown (and if you have to ask what a DP is, that's just sad).

Honorable Mention goes to Swierczynski, author of The Wheelman, who made me laugh out loud. I like that.

Daniel, learn from Duane. Lincoln Steffens is funny. It's got that comic K thing, see, which makes kumquats funny, but not turnips. Cucumbers are funny. Pears, not so much. (By the way, you should have your autographed copy of Beneath A Panamanian Moon by next weekend.)

I'm hunkered down again today, closing in on the denouement, so posting will be light if at all. Have a great weekend.

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Daniel Hatadi said...

Weirdest thing is that I've been reading books on 'how to be funny even if you're not' lately. I should have gone for the hard consonants.

But the Poles have got more of those than I'll ever have. Duane cheated. WIth genetics.

Who's Lincoln Steffens?