Friday, March 31, 2006

Today's winner of the Great Typewriter Challenge is...

Ray Banks.

He correctly identified John Irving from a few hazy memories of a movie he saw once.

Unlike John Rickards who scoffed at the simplicity of the challenge and incorrectly named George Orwell. For that answer, John Rickards wins a few hours with his head in the rat cage.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Big Brother, The Memory Hole, and anyone who celebrates April 1st.


John R. said...

Hey! That wasn't the picture that was up when I first checked. *And* you were talking about someone who inspired one of the most distinctive TV ads of the 80s. (The bizarre '1984' one for I don't remember who - Apple? Nike? FedEx? - later satirised by Futurama jumped to mind.)

David Terrenoire said...


We here at the Ministry of Truth would never make a mistake like that.