Monday, March 06, 2006

On The Beach

The trip to Topsail Beach was a success. Jenny and I had a great time, met some terrific people and sold some books.

The event was called A Moveable Feast and was sponsored by Quartermoon Books. Here's how it worked: Seven tables were set up for lunch, with ten people at each table. As they ate, the other writers and I went from table to table, and talked about our books. Every ten or fifteen minutes the bell would ring and we'd go to the next table, doing it all over again. Like speed dating without the sexual tension.

The people were very nice, and very interested, or they feigned interest magnificently. I sold a few dozen books and the shrimp salad was good.

Thanks to Lori, Claire, and their helpers. Oh, and thanks to the Atlantic Ocean for putting on such a big show and the Tarheels for kicking Duke's keister Saturday night. That made Jenny very happy, and when Baby's happy, I'm happy.

(There was a mix-up earlier when I referred to Jenny as The Bride, apparently a copyrighted term of Swierczynski endearment. Although I have no problem with copyright infringement, as regulars can attest, I would rather not try the patience of anyone who could grab my ears and squeeze my head like a polka accordion. Sorry, Duane. Won't happen again.)

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