Friday, March 03, 2006

"Tom Waits Should Have His Own Stamp"

I've made progress on the novel today (800 words and I can see the finish from here), and the typewriter challenge is ridiculously easy, so this one's for you secretdeadartist. My version of a Tom Waits stamp. May it come to pass.

For Jennifer, who suggested Waits' national treasurehood, a sample from A Soldier's Things:

Cuff links and hub caps
trophies and paperbacks
it's good transportation
but the brakes aren't so hot
neck tie and boxing gloves
this jackknife is rusted
you can pound that dent out
on the hood
a tinker, a tailor
a soldier's things
his rifle, his boots full of rocks
oh and this one is for bravery
and this one is for me
and everything's a dollar
in this box


Jennifer Jordan said...

I remember the first time I heard, "The Paino Has Been Drinking." There were tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Then he writes some of the most soul-deep, hard edged stuff on the planet. He really is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Let's get him on the ten dollar bill too. To hell with Hamilton...

Daniel Hatadi said...

I named my blog after one of his songs.

He is my favourite artist of all time. Only Tom could put out an album at the age of 50+ that scares the daylight out of a thousand teenage rock clones.

secretdeadartist said...

Thanks Dave. Maybe we could work on a board game.
You land in Buzz Federjohn's yard, are bitten by a dog, and have to go back 3 spaces to Minneapolis where a hooker sells you a used car that the tranny's falling out of, you'll have to stop overnight in Burma-Shave for repairs at a 1/2 Puerta Rican Chinese repair shop, get drunk on Nightrain and end up engaged to a girl with a tattoed tear; not having the $100 you spent on that "virgin" earlier in the evening...
Glad to know you've joined the 800 Club, finally.