Monday, March 13, 2006

A fictional writer, writing fiction, on a fictional typewriter.

This typewriter, according to the poster designer, belonged to a playwright who followed Faulkner into Hollywood hell. Take your guess.

Last week's winner: Dusty Rhoades, the author of Good Day In Hell. So go buy a goddamn copy, OK? (Sorry, I've been editing all weekend and I'm cranky.) Congratulations, Dusty.

And in answer to your question, I'd heard Hemingway composed longhand, too, but used a typewriter for submissions, letters, etc. Most writers of the period had a typewriter somewhere, even if they didn't write first drafts on them. That's my guess, anyway. Anyone Hemingway experts out there who know for sure?

I have a job. An acting job. For the next three days I'll be playing a predatory lawyer. (Dusty, is that a redundancy?) So, talk amongst yourselves and I'll see you sometime Wednesday or Thursday. Play nice.


Ted Baker said...

Barton Fink

Daniel Hatadi said...

I have no idea this time, but word around town is that it's your birthday. So ... happy birthday!

Ray said...

Yep, it's Barton Fink - life o' the mind and all that. And while we're dropping hardcore salutations on my man Darkearth, have a good 'un!