Thursday, November 30, 2006

Olfactory hits.

We were walking the dogs this morning and there on the breeze was the aroma of frying bacon and eggs. Instantly I was back at Fort Bragg, 37 years ago, on my way to the mess hall in the dark. Amazing how that happens. The same thing with deisel fumes. I catch the back end of a bus and do I think of all that exhaust I inhaled in New York? No, I think of working in the jungle, downwind of a noisy generator.

It's such a powerful trigger that I try to work in smells when I write (insert stinking prose joke here) as well as sights and sounds.
How about you? Any smells that instantly take you back to some place else, some place years ago?


Anonymous said...

Diesel takes me to the Caribbean. Palm trees, hot sun, nice breeze if I'm lucky, carefree more or less, looking for a Becks ... .

Daniel Hatadi said...

Perfumes do it every time. Each one I relate to a particular woman and time in my life.