Thursday, June 15, 2006

High School Superintendent Looks Up Student's Skirt, Goes Nuts

Like that's never happened.

And no, I am not above adding salacious teen sex in order to goose The Planet's numbers, so to speak.

It appears the barest glimpse of a young student's underpants sent authorities into a frenzy of white hot, page ripping fury. The photo appeared in the Phillipsburg High School yearbook (on page 224 for you pervs) and showed a female student wearing a skirt and sitting on a desk during a play, flashing a bit of underwear. The offending page has been ripped from the yearbooks.

"The picture was questionable," said the school superintendent. "But I plan to take it home with me for further intensive study."

Some students, including the Chess Club and the Phillipsburg Mathletes, were upset by the removal of the page. "Dude," said Barry Whitmore, president of the Computer Kings, "This is like totally bogus."

"First of all, people paid for these. Like, they belong to the students," Phillipsburg High School senior Katie Rockware told the newspaper. "They're like so expensive. It's like them saying, 'Excuse me, can I just destroy your personal property?' I thought it was like so ridiculous."

The yearbook is being reprinted, this time without panties.


For The Trees said...

DAVID!! For God's Sake! How'd they ever re-stage the photo so she could sit there sans underwear?


Sandra Ruttan said...

And I bet we've all seen more skin and a better view of undergarments on TV commercials.

What next? No knees and no pictures that include breasts, covered or uncovered?

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

You can have my T&A yearbook when you pry it from my cold dead fingers...

secretdeadartist said...

No doubt it was somebody's daughter. Someone important. Now that girl will be remembered forever as the one who ruined the yearbook. Expect to see an unaltered version on e-bay soon.

Dean said...

I, for one, am glad that there are so many people willing to sacrifice yearbooks to safeguard the morals of our young people. Who knows where glimpses of underwear might lead? The road to hell is paved with teenage underwear.