Friday, June 02, 2006

I made this man laugh.

This man is Anthony Neil Smith and he's out on the hustings, doing the book promotion thing for his new novel, The Drummer.

Duane Swierczynski held a contest yesterday, asking for questions to pose to the esteemed Mr. Smith and I, being frustrated at work, gathered round Duane's medicine tent with the rest of the rubes and tossed off a few drummer jokes every musician knows by heart.

Duane showed them to Mr. Smith, he laughed and voila, I won an autographed copy of The Drummer, which is like the coolest thing to happen to me since Becky Knudson climbed up the tree in her school dress and we could all see her underpants.

Thank you, Mr. Swierczynski and Mr. Smith. This sure made up for a truly crappy week.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Well, I still like my question better.

I think Duane rigged it. He didn't want me giving ANS any ideas. Sorry your week was so crappy though, David.

David Terrenoire said...


Nobody likes a sore loser.

Here in the US, we don't rig anything except elections.

Stephen D. Rogers said...



I would have entered but the last blog contest I entered (and won), I never received my prize. :)


Sandra Ruttan said...

I'm sure there were chads involved, David! And Florida governors too.

I actually didn't enter in time anyway.

Stephen, protest! Complain!

Ted Baker said...

Hey, where's your thanks to Becky Knudson?

Whether she ment it or not, that memory deserves perpetual thanks.

Stephen D. Rogers said...


Word of the grievous error has reached the offending party and all is well.

I mean, assuming the prize IS in the mail.


Elizabeth said...

David, you were sweet to warn me that your blog was silly, but you needn't fret. It's way beyond that! I've been laughing all evening reading your entries!