Sunday, June 11, 2006

A note on accommodations from one of our most accommodating readers.

Ms. Tarquini (rhymes with martini but after six or seven, what doesn't?) sent me this about the upcoming Thrillerfest hotels. My room will be full, what with the twins Eloise and LaQuaunda (they had different fathers - don't ask, they're very sensitive about it), but you can still find room at the inn according to our intrepid correspondent. Here's what she says:

"I almost choked to see what hotels they were offering as overflow hotels. The Phoenician is one of the most expensive in the city and the Pointe Hilton is great if you already have points, but pretty freaking expensive.

Here are two other possibilities. One is only a half block further away than the pointe and I've stayed in it myself. The other is 10 blocks further east than the Phoenician and five blocks further south, but at least a hundred bucks a night cheaper. You could rent a car for the difference and still come out ahead.

Does Thrillerfest think that everybody attending the conference is independently wealthy?"

Best Western Papago Inn & Resort. Rates From: $59.52. 602-480-947-7335.

Best Western Inn Suites Hotel & Suites. Rates From: $62.99. 602-997-6285.

If you still haven't checked in, check 'em out.

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Stephen Miller said...

There's no doubt that mystery conventions (sorry, I have difficulty with calling them "cons") are becoming more and more expensive, particularly when located within downtown hotels.

I know that convention organizers try their level best to make these affordable, and the discounted rates are a bargain, compared to normal hotel rack rates.

I've been involved in convention planning with my day job, and it's a real circle-jerk-a-thon. If you want "free" meeting room space, you have to guarantee a room block, so you inevitably have to "select" the hotel as "official" and try to sell the rate, and hope you make the commitment.

Are suburban locations and hotels the answer? I don't know. I like Embassy Suites (my Hilton Honor points), but I've never seen one that could accomodate a moderate-to-large convention.

I don't know the answer, but I do know that if something isn't done to try and reverse the trend, mystery conventions are going to end up being only writers, agents, editors and booksellers with fewer and fewer fans. And that's when it will all start circling the drain.

Oh, and the Phoenician as an overflow? That's fucking insane.