Thursday, June 05, 2008

Welcome to The Rock.

On a fog-shrouded Tuesday morning, Jenny and I boarded a ferry for Alcatraz. A crooked judge gave us a Valentine (a short bit in con speak), and we expected to be free and back in San Francisco by lunch.

This was our first view of the prison. That is what's left of the warden's house. Yeah, cry me a river, Warden.

The long walk up to the cellblock was equally welcoming.

Finally, we looked up at the Graybar Hotel, a vacation stop for guests like Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and Robert "Birdman" Stroud. Here's a typical guest suite.

Note the sumptuous in-room work space, the comfy bed and, hidden discreetly behind the mattress, the private bathroom facilities.

This is C-D Street with access to the community library on your left. I looked for Safe and Sound, but it had apparently been checked out by some guy named Creepy Karpis. I guess he wanted a good thriller to take to the beach.

It was overdue.

This is Broadway, looking west toward Times Square. Beneath the clock is the hotel's restaurant, where the last meal served included steamed wheat and scrambled eggs.

This is the yard, where men played ball and bridge and occasionally shanked a rat, just to keep things honest.

The screws' entrance.

As we leave, the guards wave good-bye and hope to see us again, real soon.

Exhausted, Jenny and I take a nap.


Stuart MacBride said...

Did you take the audio tour? We did - coz we is tourists - and it was very good. Very interesting place. Makes me feel extra glad I've never been caught for anything...

David Terrenoire said...

Yes, we did the audio tour. For a touristy thing it was very cool.

Jeff Shelby said...

Seals! Yay seals!

Nicole said...

San Francisco is a beauty city. I dig the Alcatraz photos. One of my favorite things to do, in the city, is to get clam chowder in a bread bowl, eat outside and swat at the seagulls as they beg for your food. Check out the Cliff house at Ocean Beach that's touristy, go to North Beach, it's got some pretty restuarants.

Anonymous said...

Alcatraz's architecture is nicer than most of what we have here in Seattle. I'm not sure what conclusion I should draw.

-- The Inimitable Karl Knuckles