Friday, June 20, 2008

Winners and Losers.

A few weeks ago, our band agreed to play in the Triangle Blues Society's Blues Challenge, a competition for a slot in Memphis and our local Bull Durham Blues Festival. I was OK with this, and when Tim, our guitar player, expressed discomfort at making music into a compeition, I said that if we go into it with the right attitude, it should be fine. Next weekend, on the 27th, we'll be playing at the Blue Bayou, my favorite bar.

But now I'm having second thoughts.

Our good friend, Ed Mezynski, is the drummer for Valentino and the Piedmont Sheiks, another band in the competition. This morning, Ed gave me this list, guaranteed to make the event go well:

1 Relax and have fun
2 Try to play well
3 Stay within the time parameters
4 Sit down and enjoy the other bands
5 Enjoy a cold beverage
6 Expect nothing
7 Hug the pretty girls (repeat as often as allowed)

I've won stuff and lost stuff and I'm always pretty even-keeled about it either way. Beneath A Panamanian Moon was nominated for a few prizes, and that was great. I didn't win, but according to witnesses, I had a great time. Mostly because I adhered to #5 and #6.

So I'm going to try to follow Ed's list of approved activities and relax. Still something about this just doesn't feel right, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

So, how about you? How do you handle these things?

Talk to me.


Anonymous said...

We have complete faith that you will enjoy yourself.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

My bet is it's just butterflies, and the smartest woman I ever knew, my college adviser once told me that if you're not nervous about getting up in front of people, then you're dead.

So, go, play the best you can, and have fun. Seems to me like Ed has a pretty good list.

Let us know how it goes!


I try to piss-off as many people as posible and sentence and a great big 'BYE'
(as Tor's geezer ass fades into the sunset).

Well, that was the last time moi t'were in front of a crowd.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Stephen Blackmoore said...


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Jack Daniels and pretty girl hugs,then the rest of the list will fall into place on its on. If you win, add the ice bucket to next year's yard sale list.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

By the way; yesterday's featured Modigliani is stunning! I'd never seen this one. Now it is my favorite, because...that's another story for my psychiatrist.